Last update: January 11, 2005
Johan Banis
Twent by birth, Flevolander through the years, Drontener for better and for worse.
Done some 20 years of local television and seen Dronten grow from nothing to now.
Rather coincidently involved with local politics, for GroenLinks ("GreenLeft").

Working since 1990 at the School for Journalism in Utrecht, tv-tech department.

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Since February 15, 2001 to DaniŽlle de Iongh.

One. Hermen (in full: Hermen Arnout), born September 20, 2003.
Named after Hendrik Hermen Banis, when still alive and well
and after that spiritually and for ever and always: my father.

Geese Baenis and Jan Geerlichs. Farmers around Almelo, in the east,
in the years of 1650. Ancestryresearch moving on slowly...

Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Eric Clapton.
But Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Ten Years After, ELP, Genesis,
Yes, Focus, Earring, Cuby, Lohues, Boudewijn, Nits will do too.

Foreign countries:
IsraŽl (6 months in kibbutz Givat Hayim Ichud),
China (a few years after Mao Tse Tung died),
Russia (under Breznjev, under Gorbatschov & under Poetin),
Albania (when still closed and Stalinistic and very scary),
USA (honeymoon in Orlando, but not in DisneyWorld et al),
Romania (a few days after the revolution at the end of 1989),
Tanzania (School for Journalism, Distant Voyage),
South Africa (by rented car from Capetown to Durban),
France (6 months with my brother, then single like me, on his farm),
Many times in England and Wales (Snowdonia in an old Citroën-van).

Amiga. Or Mac. And a little bit of Linux. But truly no Windows.

Hajenius, Oud Kampen, Balmoral (not the small ones, thank you).

Recent book:
Dark Star Safari by Paul Theroux. When you feel like travelling,
you get your backpack and move your feet. Or you stay home and
read Paul Theroux.

Recent movie:
Koyaanisqatsi. Very, eurm, special... Minimal music by Philip Glass.

Beercans (full ones!). But no longer fanatically.
Over the past 30 years I managed to collect some 600.

To own a true motorbike, preferrably a Yamaha XS650
or a BWM R65. Or HY-van. But that is really a car.

Nicest car so far:
My 2CV-vans. In those I slept and travelled through the most
of Europe.
Second: my first Berlingo. Took me through 8 years for more
than 200.000 miles, give or take a few.

Nice too:
Working with my brother. He is a farmer in mid-France.
Due to wife and son I cannot have this pleasure oftenly...

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